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A community for Monster fans to post fanfic, fanart, or any other fanwork based on the series.

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Welcome to Monster_Closet, where any pairing, any genre, and any medium of fanwork based on the anime/manga of Urasawa Naoki's Monster is fair game!

1. Please use a cut for large or non-worksafe images, and any fic over 250 words.
2. If you are posting content that is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18, please cut it and label it as such. If you are under 18, do not click on any cut labeled this way.
3. Discussion posts are welcome too, but please do not post anything that veers too far away from the topic at hand (which is Monster and its fandom).
4. It would be enormously helpful if you could indicate how far into the series whatever you are posting spoils for, so that even new Monster fans can enjoy fic/art/etc.
5. Have fun!

Monster_Closet has an ongoing fic and art fest! If you're interested, you can submit prompts here, choose one to write or draw here, and see what's been produced for it so far here.

Also, this is a masterlist of the existing Monster fanart out there right now, and this is a list of all the other kinds of existing Monster fanstuff (fic, icons, vids, etc.). Feel free to add to these, either by dropping off a link to any pre-existing, overlooked fanwork, or by creating something new. :)

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